If you need to gain exposure to your brand and business, then guest blogging is the way to get there. By reaching out to bloggers in your area, you’re given a greater platform for communicating with your audience. If you’re new to blogger outreach, then you can use this guide to get started. You’ll find all the steps you need to get started and build your brand.

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Create a Goal

Before you get started on the action steps, you need to figure out what you want to get from guest blogging. Maybe you want to get more shares or links to your website. Maybe you want to be a guest poster yourself. No matter what your goals are for guest blogging, make sure to have at least one before moving forward.

Build a List

You can find guest bloggers for any area but finding the high-quality guest posts is more of a challenge. Create a list of the people that you would want to guest post on your site. Websites like BlogDash and GroupHigh are specifically designed to track bloggers by content, categories, Klout score, gender, and much more. You can also search on Google or Buzzsumo to find bloggers and influences in your area. Spend time on this step as it’s one of the most important ones to get right. Write down the top people you would want to guest post for.

Get Noticed

Before you can ask someone to be a guest blogger, you want to get on their radar. They’re going to get hundreds of emails and messages a day for requests to take this step before contacting them. Share their content on social media and comment on their current content. Try to build up some recognition so that you’ll have an idea of who you and your business are before moving forward.

Learn About Them

Just like the previous step, you’re going to have better chances of your top choices being your guest bloggers if you take the time to learn about them. Read their “about” page and their social media profiles. Find out what each person likes, even their personal interests.

Help Them

Before you ask them to help you out, try making the first step by offering your assistance. Link to them in your content as a goodwill gesture. Of you could offer your help with something. Even letting the blogger know about a broken link or a spelling error is a good way to make the first step. Contact them via email to offer your help.

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Ask for Guest Blogging

After you’ve gone through these steps, then you’re ready to do the hard sell. Send them an email with your request. Make the email short and clear as to what you want from that person. You don’t want to be overly wordy or sound desperate with your request. Instead, point out how much you value their opinion in writing and that your business and website would value from their guest posting. You could also offer a guest posting service for each other as a trade. Chances are, if you’ve done the steps correctly and the person is available, they’ll take you up on your offer. Most people are looking for chances to connect and a well-worded message will make them eager to work with you.

Track Your Results

You may have several people who guest blog for you but the quality is probably different with each one. Track which posts generate the most interest so that you can be sure to have the best quality content.

Stay Connected

Many people who have a busy schedule will do the occasional guest post but won’t be available for constant posting. Build a relationship with a few people who can guest blog so that you can build some variety into your website. Make sure to stay connected to these people so that you can contact them again for additional guest blogging as needed. They may be willing to write a few blogs for you throughout the year or the occasional basis.

Now that you have this guide to guest blogging, you’re ready to get started on your own. Blogger outreach isn’t very complicated but it will take some time and effort to use this guide to get great results.