How to Rank In Google WITHOUT Using PBN’s

rank in google

Are you on the PBN hype train?

That’s fine, I used to be too.

Let’s be real with ourselves though.

I did a little more than love PBNs, I was borderline obsessed with them.

All I did every day was think about ways that I could grow my network, get the best domains possible, decrease my footprints, and increase the strength and quality of my links.

It was crazy! The amount of work was staggering.

Obviously, I was putting everything I had into these PBNs.

Then.. Google did what they do best and slapped the life out of my network. But, some people need that slap in the face in order to realize the errors of their ways and improve their knowledge.

What I’ve Learned About PBNs

Building PBNs Takes a lot of time. 

Back when my network got penalized, I was devastated. Not at the loss of my network, I can always rebuild.

I was devastated by the loss of my TIME. That was the real killer for me. That being said, I still have a PBN network. In fact, it’s helping me rank dozens of sites as we speak. But, they’re not perfect. There are other, more safe, options for acquiring backlinks. Instead of putting in all the time and effort to build a PBN that could get penalized in the future doesn’t seem like a smart business decision for a beginner. Not everyone has the budget or the time to build a PBN.

There are other options.

Knowing how to manipulate Google isn’t going to help you in the long run.

Google can literally make all your knowledge, skills, and time invested into building PBNs irrelevant by tomorrow. You can learn all you want about decreasing footprints, improving your sites, increasing link power, and so on. But keep in mind that Google can make all of that obsolete whenever they figure you out.

You don’t want to go from being an “SEO expert” to working at some burger joint down the street, do you?

So What’s the Alternative?

Instead of building PBNs, I would suggest improving your SEO skills that will bring you longevity.

Learn how to do things like:

  1. Creating content that people like, share, and link too.
  2. Improve your user experience on your website.
  3. Network, build relationships with other website owners.
  4. Learn how to do proper blogger outreach for getting real, quality backlinks.

Content is Key

The first thing you need to when trying to get more traffic is your content is the first thing customers see when they enter your site.

So what you should be asking now, is how do you create content that ranks well in Google?

Here are some of our best tips to make Google love your content.

Create Unique Content

Creating content that is 100% unique and unlike any other content on the internet is the best way to make Google want to rank your site. To create unique content, you need to know what kind of content is already out there. You need to do competitor analysis to find out who’s doing what, and how you can improve on it.

Now maybe you’re asking yourself “How am I supposed to do something different than what is already ranking?”

I’ve asked myself this question before, and the short answer is, you need to gather your own data.

Gathering your own data is what’s really going to differentiate your content from someone else’s.

Anyone can write a “top 10 best whatever” article.

You’re never gonna get to the top of Google doing that. If you really want to do well long term, then you need to gather your own data and create unique content.

Now, gathering data might sound hard, but it really isn’t. I was an average student in high school and university. I’m not trained in data analysis or any of that. If I can gather and create unique content, then anyone can.

The best part about this is, that your data can be completely hypothetical. It doesn’t need to be concrete facts. Use data to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack, and you’ll be off to a great start.

Don’t Follow What Everyone Else is Doing

Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, sometimes you need to break stride and do your own thing.

You need to challenge industry standards. Everyone and their mom is using PBNs right now. Do you think that ISN’T attracting attention from Google? You’re wrong if you do. If you’re doing what everyone else is doing, not only is it going to be extremely hard to gain a competitive edge on your competitors, but it puts you at risk of being caught by Google.

You need to constantly be figuring out new ways to improve your marketing strategy and outsmart your competitors.

Start thinking about what practices within your industry that you can challenge.

Create Real Solutions

Good content usually helps to solve a problem that people are having. If you’re creating unique content and blazing your own path, you need to offer a solution as well.

If your content is truly helpful and solves a problem that people are having, you can bet your a*s that they will want to share it with their friends that might be having the same problem. Helpful content is shareable, linkable, and everything we webmasters want.

Having Content is Great, but how can I promote it?

have you ever stopped and thought how a piece of content has gotten hundreds, if not thousands of social shares and mentions just days after it is published?

I’ll tell you how. This happens because that content was shared with the webmaster’s email list.

I’ll be the first person to tell you that an email list is the fastest way to get eyeballs on your content. It’s also the easiest.

I’ll also be the first to tell you that promoting content without an email list is HARD.

You can spend all the money you want on Facebook ads trying to get likes on your content, but the truth of it is that emails are much more effective. It literally only takes a few minutes to write up an email, and blast it out to your email list.

And just like that, BOOM. You’ve just sent thousands of visitors to your new blog post.

But how does this help with your SEO?

Because if you get people to see your content, you’re going to get people to link to it as well. Eyeballs on your content = natural backlinks.

Authority = Rankings

If you follow these steps that I’ve outlined in this article, and your website has good authority, then rankings will certainly come.

You can know if your website has good authority by using metrics such as DA (Domain Authority), Trust Flow, or Ahrefs metrics.

Another way to tell if your website has good authority or not is to see if content ranks naturally in the top 100 without any backlinks. If it doesn’t, then there’s a chance that:

  1. Your site authority isn’t high enough.
  2. Your site doesn’t have enough trust from Google.
  3. Your site is brand new.

But, if your site is trusted and has good authority, then ranking shouldn’t be an issue.