The Ninja Network

The Ninja Network contains some of the best links that money can buy. When you get links from our network, you’ll be getting REAL high-quality contextual links. Stop fighting Google and start dominating your niche with the Ninja Network.

Features of the Ninja Network


Average DA of 25+

Our sites have extremely high DA, with the average DA being 25+.

Premium Content

To make sure everything looks natural, we only use writers who are highly proficient in English. No spun content whatsoever.

Clean Link profiles

We always check a sites backlink profile before adding it to the network, making sure it’s 100% spam FREE. None of our sites have questionable links, period.

ZERO footprints

We take security very seriously. Nothing gets overlooked. We have unique IP’s, themes, plugins, nameservers, hosts, you name it, we’re doing it.

Homepage Links

Each post will stay on the homepage for a minimum of 3 – 4 weeks. In some cases much longer.

Manual Submission

Everything in our network is manually done. From the building of the website, the content creation, even the submission is 100% completed by a human.

Plans and Pricing

What is the Ninja network?

The Ninja Network is a premium service that gives you premium high-quality links from high authority websites (DA 25+). 

The main metrics that we use are Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Trust flow. We find that this combination yields the best domains, which produce the most power. 

Every domain on the network has been checked against spam. We have an extensive checklist which every domain must meet in order to be allowed into the network. In short, there’s ZERO spam.

Getting high authority links from these sites means that your content has a better chance to rank highly in the search engines. And that’s what we ALL want, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

will my links be permanent?
Yes, we will never remove the links unless the site gets deindexed, which almost never happens in our network.
Will there be a link report?
Yes, you will get a full report in the form of an excel file.
What is the TAT?
The TAT on smaller orders is 21 days at the most, but we usually finish much sooner. For larger orders, it’s 28 days.
Do you accept gambling/adult niches?
No, don’t ask.
What's your refund policy?
We will provide you with a full refund if we cannot deliver your order.