A Beginner’s Guide to Blogger Outreach

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There are more than 164 million blogs on the world wide web, and more than 2 million blog posts are published every day. All of these blogs are competing for the attention of the reader, and it can be really hard for smaller and more obscure blogs to get enough traffic. So how can a smaller blog increase visibility and get more traffic from online visitors? The answer is blogger outreach.

What is blogger outreach?

Isaac Newton once stated that he could see further because he was standing on the shoulders of giants. This same principle applies to blogging. Blogger outreach is a marketing strategy that involves building relationships with other bloggers with the intention of landing a contextual backlink.
However, this does not mean that you should simply send online influencers emails asking for the chance to write a guest post on their site. The process requires a lot more planning than that. The following are some of the steps to take.

Identify bloggers to work with

Link or blogger prospecting involves identifying influential bloggers in your niche, or sites that you’d like to write a guest post for. You need to make sure that the authors or blogs you look for will help you achieve your guest blogging goals. To identify bloggers to work with, find the names of the blogs, the authors, their contact information, and their social media pages. This will make it easier for you to know more about them.
After identifying the author, use the ‘inpostauthor’ query on google to find out all the blogs where the author’s work is featured. If they have a Google+ page, the ‘Contributor to’ section will show all the blogs and publications they have written posts for. Tools such as AllmyTweets can help you go through an influential’s blogger’s tweets to find opportunities for guest blogging.
If you’ve narrowed down your search to a particular targeted site that would perfect for guest blogging, you can try and widen your prospects by looking for other sites where their blog has been mentioned. For example, if you have a fitness blog and would like to write for Monica of runeatrepeat.com, you can use a query on Google to see which web pages link to her blog. In this case, the query will be ‘link:runeatrepeat.com -site:runeatrepeat.com’. From the results of this search, you can identify more opportunities for guest blogging.

Qualifying and prioritizing guest blogging opportunities

After getting a final list of all the sites you’d like to write guest posts for, you need to do a bit of cherry-picking to determine which blogs will offer the best return on investment and return on time. This process is known as link qualifying.
When prioritizing guest blogging opportunities, you need to be very clear on what your guest blogging goals are. Do you want to get more traffic? Are you trying to improve your ranking on search engines? Do you wish to build your brand authority? These goals will determine which sites you eventually work with.
After outlining your goals, you need to do a bit more research on the various websites to determine if you can get quality backlinks from them. Some of the questions you have to ask yourself include:
– Is the blog on-topic?
– Does the blog rank for its name?
– Does the page link directly to your site, or does it run it through a redirect?
– How recently was the page cached?
– Are the backlinks no-follow links?
– Are there any obvious paid links on the website?
– For how long will your link be prominent on the site?
– Does the blog rank for the keywords you are targeting?
– Will the site promote the guest blog with your link or company name?
Stay away from any site that uses spammy on-page tactics or that has duplicate content or many broken links. Finding answers to these questions ensures that the guest post you write on the website helps you reach your guest blogging goals.

Build relationships

After identifying the blogs to work with, you need to build a work or business relationship. The law of reciprocity, which states that ‘if you do something for me, I’ll do something for you’, applies at this stage. In order for the business relationship to be fruitful, each party must benefit. In some cases, you may have to shell out some cash to get a guest blog post. However, you can give value by sharing the other website’s content. You can also put a link from your page to the guest post you wrote on other sites, as this adds a link value to both sites. Another way to offer value to the site’s owner is to add their insight to some of your blog posts.
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This is the most important part of the relationship building strategy, and it involves contacting the prospective bloggers with the hope of getting a response. It is important to remember that the emails of a lot of bloggers are full of junk, therefore your outreach email needs to capture their attention. The following is an example of a great introduction:
Hi (blogger’s name’,
I have an article titled ‘(article title)’ that would be great for ‘x’ section on your site. Would you please take a look at it? I think it’s very timely considering your recent piece on ‘topic y’.

Content creation

After getting the blogger’s attention, it is time to fulfil your end of the bargain and write an excellent guest post on their site. Make sure the post delivers value for their readers, and that it provides useful information. Place the anchor text to your site within the meat of your article. Stick around after the blog has been published to respond to comments and questions from readers. You can even turn some of the questions in the comment section into new guest posts.


After the article has been published, you need to go out of your way to really promote the article on various social media pages and forums. This helps build the authority of the page that links to your site, which helps increase traffic to your website. Promoting the article also helps build goodwill with the blog that published your article. This strengthens your business relationship and increases your chances of guest blogging in future.


The process of blogger outreach is very labor intensive, which is why a lot of people prefer to outsource some of the steps. It is important to work with a company that is familiar with the process and that has a successful blogger outreach track record. By outsourcing the prospecting and link qualifying stages, you can focus on creating awesome content and building stronger work relationships with other bloggers.