Should You Buy Backlinks in 2018?

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SEO has changed significantly in the last couple of years. The various factors which determine the ranking of a website have evolved as well. This brings us to the very important question whether you should buy backlinks in 2018 in order to rank your website?

This question is plaguing a lot of Webmasters as the New Year begins.
The easiest way to rank in search engines is to buy backlinks for your website.
Before we dwell on the topic of buying backlinks, let us understand the importance of the same.
What are the reasons behind buying backlinks?
Personally, we have spent thousands of dollars to buy backlinks owing to a wide variety of reasons which include:

1. Time-saving:

Irrespective of the type of backlink building which you opt for, that is whether you opt for white hat or black hat backlink building, it is simply too time-consuming. You would have to dedicate a significant portion of your time to hire employees in order to build such backlinks. Even if you’re looking at White hat link building, it is pretty time consuming as you would have to undertake a lot of tasks like:
  • Creating good quality content in order to promote
  • Sending outrage emails to influencers
  • Convincing the influencers
  • Building a working business relationship with each influencer
  • Requesting the link placement
  • Constantly testing different outreach approaches
  • Creating content once the link placement is done
  • Repeating the entire process
In order to do so on a large scale, you would have to hire separate staff and train them consistently in order to perform this on your behalf. You would have to also hire a manager in order to manage all of these tasks combined. From the sheer number of tasks which you need to accomplish, it is pretty clear that white hat link building is pretty time-consuming.
You might be thinking that even though, white hat link building can be time-consuming but black hat would be a bit on the easier site. This is not true at all. If you look at the example of black hat link building like building a private blog network, it is equally time-consuming.
The various tasks which are involved in building a private blog network include:
  • Filtering the domains according to the criteria
  • Checking the history of each domain
  • Purchasing the domain
  • Setting a hosting for the domain
  • Setting up a content management system like WordPress
  • Installing the theme as well as plug-ins
  • Creating a real -looking website
  • Creating a fake author bio
  • Testing the link power of the expired domains
  • Writing content for placing the link
  • Indexing the website
  • Creating filler content
  • Earning social shares in order to make the website seem real
This process you have to repeat again and again in order to set up a large blog network. Thereafter, you have to even deal with the security issues of various websites.
Thus, when you’re attempting to build the links, you are actually initiating a process which you would have to repeat again and again.
On the other hand, when you’re buying the backlinks you would not have to look into all of these smaller details. You would just have to check the quality of the links and you can buy them easily.

2. Quicker results:

Time-saving is not the only reason why you should think about buying backlinks. You would also be able to get faster results to buy backlinks. Since the time which is required to build these networks is eliminated from the equation, you can be sure that when you’re buying the backlinks you would be able to directly get your backlinks placed.
This would significantly free up your time in order to look at the site optimization as well as content creation for your own website.
With that being said, you might think that I am all for buying backlinks. While that might be true to a certain extent but you have to also realize some of the risks involved in buying backlinks before taking a call.

• It can be dangerous for your website:

The truth is that, whether you’re gaining backlinks from blogger outreach or from private blog networks; it can be risky for your website. If indeed, Google detects these backlinks, manual action can be initiated on your website. This would mean that most of your organic traffic vanishes almost instantly. This can be a pretty risky situation.
On the other hand, buying backlinks provides you with the better advantages compared to investing time as well as money into building fake blogs or websites in order to place your links. That is why buying backlinks from reputed websites would shield you to a certain extent as compared to getting them from private blog networks.
Private Blog networks have significant footprints which can be detected by algorithms. This puts you at an increased risk as compared to buying backlinks from real websites. Google is a search engine, has all the tools and resources to instantly flag your expired domain private blog networks which would get you nailed.
As we laid out the options in front of you, you might be worried that the above options carry a high amount of risk. In such a case, it can become a conundrum for the Webmaster to choose the right path. We would share with you 3 options which you can choose from when it comes to buying backlinks to your website.

• Go with the random choice:

If you’re willing to take the risk of losing most of your search engine traffic almost overnight, then you can just randomly choose one of the options. In such a case, you can go ahead and even get the links from the private blog networks if you think those are worth betting on.
buy backlinks 2018

• Using a secondary site:

This is a safer strategy but it can double your work quite easily. In such a case, you can use a secondary website in the same industry for gaining search engine traffic. At the same point in time, you should avoid building backlinks to your main company website. When shit hits the fan, at least your company website would be entirely safe since you did not buy backlinks.
The problem with this strategy is that:
  • Inefficient utilization of resources
  • Company website can get penalized if it is linked by the secondary website
  • Concentrating on other methods to increase revenue:
Most of the Webmasters who have successfully ranked their website before are addicted to the idea of getting consistent converting traffic from the search engines. However, if you’re just starting out, it is a much better idea to focus on some other areas in order to create different revenue streams for your business. These can be much more beneficial than just thinking about buying backlinks for your website.
Some of the other areas in which you can invest your time as well as capital include:
  • Improving customer experience
  • Creating more content
  • On page optimization of the website
  • Creating sales funnels
  • Optimizing the conversion rate
  • Branding your business
  • Gaining paid traffic
  • Building social media communities
When you’re concentrating on the other methods to get traffic to your website, it would be easier for you to reduce the dependency of your business on SEO.

Return on investment:

This is the main reason why many of the Webmasters still stick to SEO in spite of having plenty of their websites penalized in the past. The return on investment in SEO, if you are able to use the capital accurately, can be immense. This is the reason why newer and newer websites are being built by Webmasters in order to rank in search engines.
Initially, however, you would have to invest a significant amount of money into building content for a website. Thereafter, you would have to start with the link acquisition.

Buying backlinks in 2018:

The cost of buying real backlinks in 2018 is simply enormous. A single no follow link on a reputed website like INC. can set you back by around $ 1500. On the other hand, these $ 1500 can be put to better use if you’re not buying backlinks.
Alternatives to spending $ 1500 on your website:
  • Get at least 30, 1500 word articles on your website at $ 50 per article
  • Reach out to 0.2 million people on Facebook by boosting your content
  • Hire a reputed web designer for 50 hours for your website at $ 30 per hour
  • Hire a video editor for 75 hours at $ 20 per hour
The key point which we are trying to highlight is that a high ROI is not just limited to SEO. Outside the realm of SEO, you can invest in many web-based activities which can provide you with similar or even a higher ROI than when you buy backlinks.


The truth is, these days you have plenty of options including buying backlinks. If you would like to still go with buying backlinks, you have to look into points which are:
  • Having a pretty strong website
  • Investing money in blogger outreach services on high-quality link placements
As long as you are able to focus on these 2 points while buying backlinks, you would be able to get a superior ROI and it would be worth it to continue with SEO.