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8 Easy Steps to Successful Blogger Outreach

In this article, we’ll go over the 8 things that you need to be doing in your blogger outreach efforts that will make a huge difference in your SEO efforts.

We came up with these “best blogger outreach practices” by trial and error, and they can truly determine whether you get a strong editorial link or a link that really offers next to nothing in terms of SEO.

If you look at any of the authority blogs on any topic, you’ll see that they all follow these guidelines and many others that we’re sure we’re not aware of.

Use Internal Links

Internal links are links that go from one page of your website to a different page of your website. It helps improve navigation for your users and makes it easier for the search engines to crawl your site.

Most posts you’ll find on any website will contain internal links. Whether it’s just one, or ten, there will usually be at least one.

Wikipedia is probably the best example of using internal linking for SEO benefit.

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Use Authority Links

If there’s one thing Google hates, it’s site’s that don’t share the love. Google doesn’t like seeing sites that never link out to anyone else.

Basically, they want you to share some of your link juice. So when you write a guest post, it’s good practice to try and include at least one link to an authority blog.


This perhaps seems obvious, but many people seem to make this basic mistake. And this is the most important part!

If you’re guest posting with the goal of improving your SEO, then you need to make sure there’s a link back to your money site.

Remember how I mentioned authority links earlier? Well not only should you include them in your post to “share the love”, but it also makes your link appear more natural and authoritative. Having links to several different sites from the same article is perfectly natural, and wouldn’t raise any red flags with the big G.

I won’t mention anchor text ratios, as everyone seems to have an opinion on that. But my general rule of thumb is that you should never exceed 1-3% exact match for whatever you’re trying to rank for. Make sure to include plenty of variation.

Publish Premium Content

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen horrible, unreadable content on the internet. You need premium content.

One of the easiest things for Google to recognize is crappy content. Therefore, in Google’s eyes, it’s not a legitimate website.

Don’t make the mistake of hiring some writer to produce an article for $3.00 that reads like a ten-year-old wrote it. That’s not how you do proper outreach.

Not only will this kind of content make you look bad to potential webmasters who could publish your content, but it could literally hurt your SEO efforts.

Also, if the content is horrible, it’s not shareable on social media. One of the key factors in successful outreach is to have the person publishing it share it on their social media. If they can’t do that because of the poor quality, that’s a big problem.

Position Yourself as an Expert

Another thing that I see too much of that really gets under my skin, is “thin” content. You know the content I’m talking about. 300-word articles that don’t go into depth whatsoever, and are clearly there for the sole purpose of acquiring a link.

You really can’t provide content of any value with less than 500 words, in my opinion. To really make the content meaningful, I like to go with at least 1000+ words. More content is ALWAYS better.

Try to make the content engaging and interesting. Many times, readers will only skim the article, and not read it word for word. My goal is to make them want to read every word. That is what makes good content.

Guest Post for Blogs with Social Followings

Social signals are becoming increasingly important in SEO and are an important metric that Google uses to rank your website. If a website has posts that get tons of likes, shares, and comments, there’s a very good chance that it will rank well in the SERPS.

One thing that I highly recommend when searching for blogs to post on are ones with social followings.

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Get Niche Relevant Links

It’s been made clear by Google that niche relevant links hold more weight than links from outside your niche.

Since you control which blogs you outreach too, try and get as many niche relevant links as possible. Don’t simply go for quantity, quality will always beat out quantity in the long run.

Perfect Your Pitch

This might be the most important factor in successful blogger outreach. If you can’t get anyone to respond, then none of the previous tips matter.

You need to convince the webmaster that YOUR content is worth publishing over the dozens of other requests that they are receiving.

Try and build a meaningful relationship with whoever you are speaking with. Engage them, ask questions, tell them about yourself, and if you get a response then you’re likely going to get a post.