best link building tools 2018

When ranking websites Google considers two main factors quality of content and links. As such, link building is as important as having great content on your website. Today, generating high-quality links is not as straightforward as it used to be back in the day. In fact, to be successful you will have to utilize link building tools and software available online. Unfortunately, finding the right tool or software can be an overwhelming task. This is especially when you consider there are literally hundreds of tools available online. To help you, here are the top 8 tools and software available.



Hailed as the best tool for building backlinks by SEO experts, Ahrefs gives you a comprehensive analysis of a website’s backlink profile. Therefore, you can use it to check your competitor’s backlinking profile. In addition, this tool allows you to get alerts for new or lost backlinks. With this feature, you will receive a notification email when you or your competitor gets a new backlink or loses one. And it get’s better, through a metric feature known as domain rating, this tool will show you the strength of a backlink. This is useful as it helps you choose only the highest quality links to use on your website.


Another useful link building tool that allows you check your competitor’s backlinking activity, SEMrush is used by a good number of professional bloggers. This tool brings you a compressive report on your competitor’s backlink profile. With this information, you can strategize on how to build your own backlink profile. You also get a database of all the backlinks that your competitor has. With this information, you will know, which sites to link to and which posts get more links. You can also filter the backlinks based on referring domains, and referring IPs.

Manage Backlinks

Manage Backlinks is a software that simplifies the link building process. The software uses sophisticated analytics engine to recommend the links that need to be ranked efficiently. It analyses your existing backlink profile and recommends ideal anchor text. Additionally, it puts your profile against that of high ranking sites and tells you what kind of links you should use.

Majestic SEO


This tool is an intelligent database that gives you information on your competitor’s link profile. This helps you identify new backlinking opportunities. By typing in a URL on this databases search box you can get information on external backlinks, referring domains, referring IPs, referring subnets, backlink history, anchor text and backlink breakdown.

Open site explorer

Voted the third best backlinking tool by SEO experts, open site explorer is one tool that can never go unmentioned. This tool helps you build detailed backlink analysis of your own website and of your competitor. This helps identify new backlinking opportunities.

Google search console

Another tool that can never go unmentioned when talking about backlinking is the free and popular Google search console. While it is free, it offers invaluable insights into your backlinking profile. When you add your site or blog to this platform it will help you know who links your content the most, your most liked content, and how your data is linked. All this information will help you improve your link building strategies and techniques.

Raven Tools

raven logo

Raven tools is another useful premium tool that will help you improve your backlinking profile. This tool gives you comprehensive marketing reports and extensive options for competitive analysis. This information helps you find faults in your backlinking profile and remedy them. With the pro package of this tool you also get free backlink reports, and the Raven’s site auditor. The latter is an automated tool that gives automated analytics data and marketing reports.


Moz is a name that is today synonymous with SEO and backlinking. That being said, it should not come as no surprise that one of Moz’ link building tools is on this list. Dubbed the MozPro, this tool has plenty to offer. For starters, the tool offers you unique insights into link performance and ranking. The streamlined interface of this tool makes it easy to use. On top of all this, MozPro helps you make sense of the cryptic SEO data generated by other tools. Overall, this is a complete SEO and backlinking package that will be of great benefit to any blogger.